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Scale MT GmbH is your specialist for particle measurement technology. We have many years of experience with ultrafine aerosols and can assist you competently and individually on your measurement tasks. In our accredited calibration laboratory for particle number measurement, your measuring devices are measured with short lead times and high quality standards. We can also offer you mobile calibration devices with which you can carry out particle number calibrations quickly and easily yourself.

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We developed the PKS100E for the German market of periodical vehicle inspection particle counters. Instead of requiring a stationary laboratory you can calibrate the workshop testers quickly and easily on site and ensure correct results during the lifetime oft he particle counter. Convince yourself of the well thought-out concept!

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Accredited calibration PN

In our calibration laboratory, we can check your measuring devices in accordance with ISO standard 17025. Three different measurement categories and several particle sources are available.

Monodisperse particle number

Size-selected particles are generated for the calibration of condensation particle counters or other particle counting devices. This allows the efficiency of the device under test to be determined as a function of the particle size.

Particle losses PCRF

To understand how sampling affects the particle number, the size-dependent particle concentration reduction factor (PCRF) must be determined. For example, we can determine PCRF for particle counters according to the GTR-15 exhaust gas legislation.

Polydisperse particle number

If high concentrations are to be measured, we can generate various log-normally distributed aerosols of different materials and specify a reference value. This can be used, for example, to measure exhaust emission testers for workshop enviroment.