Information recalibration particle measuring device PKS100E from Scale MT GmbH

Dear customers of the PKS100E,

Thank you for choosing a calibration device from Scale MT GmbH! In order to maintain valid traceability, the PKS100E must be sent in for recalibration once a year. We will also carry out preventive maintenance to preserve your investment and guarantee high availability.

In order to makethe recalibration process as easy and convenient as possible for you, we wanted to inform you now about the exact procedure. Our homepage is currently being rebuilt so that you will be able to view and book possible maintenance appointments here from the second quarter of 2024 at the latest. We will send you the access data as soon as this function is available. Until this is fully implemented, please send your preferred date by e-mail together with your contact details (name, address, telephone number, e-mail) to:

. There are 10 measurement slots available per calendar week, the devices should be with us by noon on Monday at the latest, we guarantee processing and return within one week. If you wish, we can also book a collection by TNT for you at our conditions, in which case you can also give us a desired date for collection. You will receive confirmation of your recalibration date as soon as possible after we receive your e-mail.

We would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us.