The particle-calibration-system PKS100E is a mobile particle generator with an internal reference detector. As the particle number measurement became mandatory in Germany in 2023 for periodical technical inspections, we developed the PKS100E for the calibration of those new particle number testers. It enables the calibration with an all-in-one solution in the workshop environment in the most time-saving and reliable manner possible. This convincing combination of robust design and easy-to-use technology has made the PKS100E the German market leader in the newly emerged segment of PN calibration systems.

To generate a calibration aerosol, the PKS100E has a nebuliser nozzle in which harmless salt particles are generated with 0.9% saline solution, the particle size generated can be specified according to legal requirements and remains stable during a test and across the lifetime of the device. Dilution and an internal reference detector from Dekati generate and determine the required concentrations. The target concentrations are adjusted automatically and remain stable until the measurements are finished. The sample can be taken from an exhaust pipe in front of the system, to avoid mistakes with the adaptation of probes.

Customized solutions

Do you have a measurement task where you need a stable particle source? Would you like to check one or more measuring devices and perhaps use your own reference?

We are also happy to offer customised solutions and use our experience to help you develop a measurement setup that meets your requirements.